Maritime transport is the cheapest way of transportation. The delivery time is relatively long, but the costs are low. This applies in particular to the regular dispatch of goods at remote locations. Sea transport is used by the largest companies in the world. The global reach of transport routes makes it possible to reach any point in the world. The size of the means of transport allows you to transport goods with the largest dimensions - there are basically no restrictions.

We work with agencies all over the world. We have extensive experience in the transportation organization and with the largest shipping companies in the industry. We use the main ports of Europe - Hamburg, Gdynia, Gdansk - in cooperation with the largest nodes we can organize maritime traffic worldwide.

We offer only safe and proven methods of maritime transport. In addition to the forwarding organizations, we also deal with the organization of transport documents and customs questions. The service may also include the loading and unloading and the extension of the transport for delivery to the indicated country transport address.n

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We offer comprehensive services and strive to answer all questions within the company. We deal with handling of goods, preparation of transport documents and of course the organization and coordination of transport.

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