Rail freight transport is a solution for all those who can do without a delivery in the quickest time. Due to the low fuel prices worldwide, rail transport is relatively low-priced. In addition, short delivery times are maintained (much shorter than the cheapest sea transport, but longer than air transport). It has one advantage in terms of road transport: thanks to low failure, more predictability and much more safety, rail transport allows precise determination of loading / unloading / delivery times.

The main terminal in Poland is Małaszewicze, thanks to the active cooperation we can process complex orders.

We offer rail services at all locations worldwide. If technically possible and reasonable. We are able to combine transport by arranging the handling and all necessary transport documents and transports to the specified address.

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We offer comprehensive services and strive to answer all questions within the company. We deal with handling of goods, preparation of transport documents and of course the organization and coordination of transport.

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